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Process Engineer

Main responsibilities of the 1:
1. Development of new products, new projects and new materials machining process;
(1) Complete the technical review/transformation of customer drawings and samples (products) of the products in charge, trial production of new products and preparation before mass production;
(2) Complete the technical aspects of new product quotation;
(3) According to the requirements of the new product development process, carry out the new product development work, and timely complete the preparation of APQP, P-FMEA, PPAP, tooling list, control plan and other data in the new product development;
(4) Complete the setting, implementation and supervision of the quality control points in the development of new products.
(2) Daily work:
(1) Prepare technical specifications for raw material procurement; design molds and fixtures;
(2) Responsible for the preparation of technical documents for new product orders and the engineering changes of batch products;
(3) Responsible for the improvement of the process of batch products, the improvement of quality, the improvement of production efficiency and the reduction of costs;
(4) Complete other work assigned by the superior;

2. job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in material or mechanical design, at least 2 years working experience in machining process;
2, skilled use of five tools, two-dimensional, three-dimensional mapping software;
3. Strong logical thinking ability, meticulous and earnest work, team spirit.