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Forging Engineer/Material Engineer

Main Responsibilities:
1, responsible for new materials, new structure products casting or plastic forming process development;
2. Responsible for the maintenance and continuous improvement of the casting or plastic forming process of batch materials;
3. Responsible for the investigation and introduction of new plastic forming process;
4, responsible for raw materials and materials standard formulation and ingredients.

Other requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in metal materials;
2. Familiar with one or more of metal material casting and plastic forming processes, and at least 1 year of process-related work experience (professional direction is appropriate, excellent master graduates are also available);
3. Willing to devote themselves to basic material research and manufacturing process research;
4, skilled use of two-dimensional, three-dimensional mapping software;
5, participated in the automotive or hydraulic industry related technical training, product knowledge, quality system, environmental system related training is preferred;
6. Good at thinking, have strong logical thinking ability, work conscientiously and actively, have a positive attitude, obey management, and have team spirit.