Wuhan Pan Zhou Zhongyue Alloy Co., Ltd.

Introduction to Central Laboratory


The central laboratory is subordinate to the first-level department of Sino-Japanese joint venture Wuhan Pan-continent Sino-Vietnamese Alloy Co., Ltd.

The central laboratory was established in 2009 and officially put into use in 2010. In 2012, it applied for and passed the accreditation of China National Accreditation Committee for conformity assessment. It has been integrated into the international recognition system and has become a full member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation Organization (ILAC) and plays an important role.

The central laboratory has more than 1500 million yuan in fixed assets such as inspection and testing equipment, of which the main testing equipment is advanced imported testing equipment. The central laboratory has a group of testing talents with strong professional skills and rich practical experience. They have been engaged in the testing of physical properties, mechanical properties and chemical composition of metal materials and products for a long time. They are especially good at the testing and analysis of special high-strength wear-resistant metal materials. They have participated in the laboratory proficiency verification (international laboratory comparison) organized by the China Certification and Accreditation Commission for 12 consecutive years and have obtained satisfactory results.

The central laboratory will serve you wholeheartedly with the best service quality, the most accurate test results, the shortest test cycle and the best test price!




Quality Policy

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