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Business philosophy


Shouzheng refers to the enterprise mind righteousness, abide by the right way, integrity management, act properly, the pursuit of righteousness, law, righteousness. Keeping the right is the foundation of an enterprise. Do not forget your initiative mind, keeping the right management, will always closely combine the growth of the enterprise with the development of the country, and be a valuable and positive enterprise conducive to social progress.

Medium Term

Innovation is the first driving force to lead the development of enterprises. Every Pan-continent Chinese and Vietnamese people should be diligent in thinking, making continuous progress and improvement, seeking improvement from every detail, accumulating a little into a big one, gathering sand into a tower, and accumulating thick and thin; Every Pan-continent Chinese and Vietnamese people must have the courage to innovate, use innovative thinking to continuously improve processes, improve performance, keep pace with the times, constantly innovate and create new technologies, and create innovative masters within the enterprise, we should walk in the forefront of science and technology, the forefront of the times, and jointly keep up with the pace of national scientific and technological progress.


Growth is the vitality of an enterprise. It must keep up with the needs of the market and continue to grow and grow, so that it will not be eliminated in the rapidly changing economic torrent. The growth momentum of an enterprise comes from the growth and progress of employees, from the improvement of employees' ability and the spirit of craftsmen who bravely climb the peak. Every Pan-continent Chinese and Vietnamese people understand that happiness comes from struggle. They can strive to be the backbone of the enterprise, the craftsman of a big country and the elite of the society, only in this way can enterprises gain unremitting motivation to become stronger and bigger and become a century-old brand.


Win-win is an important goal of an enterprise. Through unity and cooperation, back-to-back support, harmonious development and win-win cooperation with customers, partners, employees, shareholders, and society, so that participants in each link can be satisfied. Can share the dividends of enterprise development, and jointly benefit the society and the country.