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Machining production supervisor/section chief

Main Responsibilities:
1. Be responsible for arranging the work tasks of the workshop section according to the requirements of the production plan, organizing resources, coordinating personnel, and completing the production tasks of the workshop section with good quality and quantity;
2, responsible for statistical analysis of the daily production situation of the workshop section, seek improvement and improve production efficiency;
3, responsible for on-site exception handling, abnormal quality problem reporting and assist in handling improvement;
4, responsible for on-site personnel management, section safety 6S management, lean management, continuous improvement, to ensure that the cost of the target;
5. Complete other work arranged by superior leaders.

Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, more than 3 years experience in organic processing site management, familiar with machining process, can bring team, and has working experience in automobile or hydraulic manufacturing industry is preferred;
2. Be familiar with the management of people, machines, materials, materials and methods at the production site, and have good ability to find, analyze and solve problems;
3. Strong executive ability and anti-pressure ability, team spirit.