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EHS Engineer

1. Collect and obtain relevant environmental, occupational health and safety regulations and standards, and optimize and revise the company's environmental, occupational health and safety management procedures;
2. Optimize and promote the effective operation of the ISO14001 environmental management system and monitoring system;
3. Be responsible for maintaining and optimizing the potential safety hazard and 6S database, summarizing and analyzing the data, and outputting the accident early warning information;
4, tracking EHS process of target indicators, and regular evaluation and analysis;
5. Develop training courses on environment, occupational health and safety, and carry out training on EHS specific topics;
6, responsible for EHS professional inspection and tracking to confirm the closure of corrective measures;
7. Participate in the EHS review of change management, regularly conduct risk assessment and analysis of equipment, and lead the company's EHS rectification projects;
8. Be responsible for the statistical analysis of the company's monthly EHS and 6S data, and complete the EHS meeting report materials.

Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree, safety engineering, environmental engineering and other related majors are preferred;
2, have strong learning ability, and strong logical thinking analysis ability;
3. Strong team spirit, strong sense of responsibility and execution, and good communication, organization and coordination ability.