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Equipment procurement

Main Responsibilities:
1, according to the company's requirements to develop a reasonable and effective procurement plan, report to the leaders in charge for approval after the organization and implementation, to ensure the completion of the procurement tasks;
2. Be familiar with the supply channels and market changes of various materials (mechanical processing equipment: CNC turning, milling and grinding, automation equipment), carry out business in an orderly manner, continuously improve business skills, and ensure the normal purchase volume of the company's materials;
3, familiar with the casting, machining industry required materials name, asterisk, specifications, unit price, use and origin, check whether the purchased materials meet the quality requirements, the company's material procurement and quality requirements have leadership responsibility;
4. Participate in the business negotiation of ordering large equipment goods, and track the implementation and implementation of the contract;
5, according to the plan to complete all kinds of materials procurement tasks, and in the budget to minimize expenditure.

Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, with successful purchasing experience in machining equipment (CNC turning, milling and grinding) and automation equipment;
2, more than 2 years of procurement management experience, familiar with high and low voltage components, power cabinets, control cabinets and other product market, suppliers and supply procedures;
3. Excellent communication skills, negotiation ability and adaptability.