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Equipment maintenance worker

Main Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the daily maintenance and repair of equipment, water, electricity, oil, gas and machine tool pipelines in each section.
2. Responsible for the correctness and completeness of equipment maintenance records.
3, responsible for equipment, tooling, mold adjustment and installation work.
4, resolutely implement the "maintenance first, repair immediately" principle.
5. Maintain the normal operation of the equipment maintenance system and strictly implement the achievement of the indicators.
6. Complete other work arranged by leaders.

Job requirements:
1. Secondary specialized school degree or above with at least one year of relevant working experience;
2, with national certification special post certificate (electrician, welder, etc.);
3, familiar with the structure, performance, operating procedures and maintenance regulations of mechanical equipment, familiar with equipment repair and adjustment, installation and other knowledge;
4, strong execution, can strictly abide by the safety operation procedures, obey the company and superior leadership management and arrangement work;
5, good health, hard work, heat loyal to equipment electrical related work.