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Social Responsibility Report (2022)

Social Responsibility Report (2022annual)

Wuhan Pan Zhou Zhongyue Alloy Co., Ltd. takes environmental protection as an important part of the enterprise's sustainable development strategy, pays attention to fulfilling the responsibility of environmental protection of the enterprise, and discharges pollutants up to standards in production and operation activities. The company is committed to green development, saving resources, adjusting energy structure, reducing carbon emissions, effectively protecting the natural environment, realizing the harmony and unity of economic, social and environmental benefits, and promoting the sustainable development of energy.

The company implements "precise poverty alleviation", helps personnel and poor households one-on-one pair, actively learns poverty alleviation policies, formulates assistance plans for each household, conducts regular household surveys, understands the causes of poverty of poor households and the problems that urgently need to be solved, and Help poor households apply for subsidies for dilapidated house renovation, education funding subsidies, etc. Encourage poor households to become self-reliant, apply for interest-free microcredit, develop production, and fulfill social responsibilities.

The company believes that as a member of a social organization, the goal should not only be to operate legally and pursue profits, but also to assume social responsibility, create public welfare value, and serve the entire society in production and operation activities.

The company has established a charity volunteer alliance, which regularly visits nursing homes every year, and leaders visit and sympathize with the families of poor employees. Every year, we regularly carry out "spring warm trip-into the nursing home love activities". Through the activities, it not only enhanced the core cohesion of pan-continental Chinese and Vietnamese people, but also made employees fully aware of their mission-to serve the people.

During the 2020-2022 epidemic, under the leadership of Comrade Bo Xin, general manager of Wuhan Pan-continent Sino-Vietnamese Alloy Co., Ltd., the left-behind middle-level cadres spontaneously organized condolences to the protesting frontline personnel. The company not only brought masks, protective clothing and other medical supplies to front-line medical staff, but also donated money and materials, totaling nearly 2 million yuan.

Figure A Condolences to frontline medical staff during the new crown epidemic in Hubei

Figure B The Red Cross awarded the honorary certificate of support for the new crown to fight the epidemic.

Figure C Partial proof notes for contributions during the 2020 epidemic.

Figure D Wuhan Consumer Poverty Alleviation Museum is opened to purchase poverty alleviation materials.

The company's charity volunteer alliance regularly visits nursing homes every year, and leaders visit and sympathize with the families of poor employees. On the basis of other activities, they continue to dig deep into the surrounding social groups in need of help and do their best.

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