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Dujiangyan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government Agree to Launch the Reconstruction of Juyuan Middle School

News from our newspaper (Special Correspondent Fan Wensheng Wanqiang) "On behalf of the Dujiangyan Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government and the 630000 people of the city, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the people of Wuhan and the Yangtze River Daily, and agree to the targeted donation of Juyuan Middle School for the reconstruction action initiated by the Yangtze River Daily." Yesterday morning, Chen Yangjie, member of the Standing Committee of the Dujiangyan Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda of the Municipal Party Committee, held the hand of our reporter tightly.It is reported that this is a targeted donation project officially recognized by the Dujiangyan Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government after the earthquake.

On the 15th, with the consent of the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Education, Changjiang Daily, together with the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Education and the Wuhan Red Cross, launched a fund-raising campaign to carry out the reconstruction of Juyuan Middle School "one-on-one.

Chen Yangjie introduced that after the disaster in Dujiangyan City, it attracted strong attention and assistance from all walks of life. These care from all over the country strongly inspired the confidence and determination of the people of Dujiangyan to overcome disasters and rebuild their homes.

Chen Yangjie said that special personnel will be sent to organize, coordinate and implement the donation to build Juyuan Middle School, with special funds for special purposes, so as to build Juyuan Middle School into a better place.

Gu Shengcong, the head of Juyuan Middle School, learned on the 15th that the people of Wuhan were actively donating money. On the same night, he told the information to the staff who were immersed in grief. Everyone hugged each other silently.

Yesterday, another donation of 8 million yuan was received for this operation, and the total amount of donations has exceeded 18 million yuan.

Warmly welcome all enterprises, institutions and individuals to continue to participate in the reconstruction of Juyuan Middle School. Please call Changjiang Daily at 5222222. Name of donation account: Wuhan Red Cross Foundation, account number: 000201040005351, bank of deposit: Shengli Street Office of Agricultural Bank of China, please indicate the donation for the reconstruction of Juyuan Middle School.

Yesterday, this newspaper, the Municipal Education Bureau, and the Municipal Red Cross sent representatives to Chengdu to discuss reconstruction matters with the relevant local department Guangmen.



Jianjuyuan Middle School Love List (III)
Wuhan Real Estate Development & Investment Group Co., Ltd
1 million yuan
7000 Staff of Wuhan Power Supply Company
1 million yuan
Wuhan Hongxing Housing Demolition Engineering Co., Ltd.
1 million yuan
Wuhan Gongge Elegant Image Store
1 million yuan
Wuhan Gongge Xinwei Image Store
1 million yuan
Wuhan Zhengda Logistics Company
200000 yuan
(Including 59840 yuan, head of market operation)
Employees of Red Man Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
155145 yuan
Zhuankou Street, Wuhan Development Zone
398300 yuan
Wuhan Maoren Clothing Co., Ltd.
125000 yuan
Guangzhou Showa Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch
106500 yuan
Mingxing Electronics (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.
100000 yuan
wuhan concord gear ring co., ltd
138700 yuan
Wuhan Pan Zhou Zhongyue Alloy Co., Ltd.
115000 yuan
Wuhan Dick Chong Co., Ltd.
156000 yuan
Wuhan Yaohua Pilkington Safety Glass Co., Ltd.
100000 yuan
Junshan Street, Wuhan Development Zone
81500 yuan


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