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To consolidate the foundation of manufacturing, the 33rd Wuhan Industrial Intelligent Transformation Promotion Conference was held on the 17th this year.

Changjiang Daily, December 15 (Reporter Li Qin Correspondent Wu Jing Xuan) Consolidate the foundation of manufacturing and forge the main engine for high-quality development. On December 17, the 33rd Wuhan Industrial Intelligent Transformation Promotion Conference this year will be held in Wuhan Pan-continent China-Vietnam Alloy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wuhan Pan-continent China-Vietnam"). The company is a company that develops and produces various special copper alloy materials and products. The products cover automobile engines, automobile gearboxes, construction machinery, hydraulics, valves, molds and other fields.




According to reports, Wuhan Pan-China and Vietnam began digital and intelligent transformation in 2010, and a total of more than 0.1 billion yuan has been invested in recent years. Through intelligent transformation, enterprises have made great progress in terms of quality, efficiency, cost, R & D cycle and energy utilization. Among them, the non-performing rate is reduced by 28%, the production efficiency is increased by 30%, and the cost is reduced by 18%. At the same time, the research and development cycle is shortened by 22%, and the energy utilization rate is increased by 11%.

The relevant person in charge of the company said that digitalization must not be a separate informatization or automation, but the integration of IT and OT. Strengthen the intelligent and digital transformation of enterprises, constantly eliminate deaf-mute equipment, deeply excavate the accumulated industrial big data, and constantly promote the continuous optimization of equipment and production process control, so that more machines can make decisions by themselves. It is necessary to improve the "exposure" of management problems in the business process, and let the problems go to find people instead of people looking for problems. This is the key to the digital landing of Wuhan Pan-continent China and Vietnam.

On Friday, we will not stop walking. This is also the 61st Wuhan Industrial Intelligent Transformation Promotion Conference. The activity will be carried out in a combination of online and offline. While visiting the automatic production line of Wuhan Pan-continent Sino-Vietnamese Junshan Factory, relevant leaders of the company and Fanaco robot application experts will further share the experience of intelligent transformation.

According to the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, in the past three years, Wuhan has invested 1.5 billion yuan in financial funds to carry out intelligent diagnosis of the city's regulated industrial enterprises, driving social investment to exceed 100 billion yuan. A total of 2158 diagnostic service enterprises have been established, 765 digital production lines have been renovated, and 1 lighthouse factory and 56 intelligent factories have been built.

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