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The company held the seventh QCC results release meeting

On August 20, the results of the seventh phase of pan-continental China-Vietnam QCC activities were published in the training room on the second floor of the company, and the results were published in all eight quality control circles of the company.




At the press conference, each circle carefully elaborated the activities of this circle from the aspects of the reasons for selecting the topic, grasping the current situation, Plato's analysis, analysis of characteristics, improvement measures, effect confirmation, etc.




The circle members on the stage made a tense and wonderful presentation, and the jury under the stage made a serious and rigorous scoring and appraisal. Finally, the relay circle was unanimously recognized by the judges with rigorous analysis, pragmatic countermeasures and good results, and won the first prize. The second prize was won by hula hoop and eagle circle. The third prize winners are Endeavour Circle, Concentric Circle and Sniper Circle. The members of the jury presented certificates and prizes to the winning circle on the spot.




Finally, manager Zhang of the manufacturing department commented on the whole activity and asked all circles to continue to carry out QCC activities, constantly explore new methods of work, actively improve the company's product quality, production efficiency and management efficiency, and promote the improvement of the company's total quality management.






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