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Wuhan Pan-continent Practice Internal Skill for Development

■ Our reporter Lv Zhao Feng Wen/Tu

At the end of August, when the reporter went to Wuhan Panzhou Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wuhan Panzhou), they were planning to build a third production base in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, using extrusion technology to develop, produce and sell high-strength wear-resistant copper alloy materials.

Extrusion production process is one of the most advanced machining processes in the world, which can avoid defects such as porosity and slag inclusion in casting. While improving the processing quality, the production efficiency will be greatly improved. Mr. Wang Lei, chairman of Wuhan Fanzhou, told reporters: "Fanzhou has always insisted on practicing its internal skills for development, especially to ensure its technical advantages. Relying on this extrusion production line, it will be more ahead of domestic competitors in copper alloy materials, and it will also be Ranked among the ranks of advanced international enterprises in the same industry."

Wuhan Panzhou has attached great importance to technology for a long time. In the 1980 s, they undertook the development, promotion and application of the synchronizer gear ring in the national "Sixth Five-Year Plan" scientific and technological research project. Wang Lei said proudly: "our advantage is that every time we do a project, we have to have our own intellectual property rights."

Wuhan Panzhou's products involve automotive transmission synchronizer gear rings, high-strength wear-resistant copper alloy materials, precision stamping parts, etc. Among them, the automobile synchronizer gear ring is currently the domestic R & D and production base, which has accounted for 40% of the domestic market. It is the transmission of FAW Group, FAW-Volkswagen, Chongqing Qingshan, Dongan Mitsubishi, Chongqing Changan, Aixin (Tangshan) and other manufacturers. Supporting. Wuhan Panzhou's high-quality synchronizer gear ring not only occupied nearly half of the domestic market, but also exported to Europe, Japan, the United States and other countries and regions in batches, and entered the supporting system of Nissan and other manufacturers.

In terms of copper alloy materials, Wuhan Panzhou mainly uses high-strength wear-resistant copper alloy and copper sleeve for automobile synchronizer gear rings as its main products. The casting section of the company has an annual production capacity of 3000 tons of copper alloy blanks, and the machining section has a fully automatic processing production line imported from Japan, with an annual production capacity of 15 million products. In order to improve product quality, Wuhan Panzhou has continuously improved its material processing methods. From the initial centrifugal casting to the current continuous casting, it can produce 24 hours a day without interruption, and the efficiency is greatly improved. The extrusion production line mentioned at the beginning of the article was built by Wuhan Pan Zhou to promote the technological progress of material processing technology and is expected to be completed in May next year. At present, Wuhan Panzhou is also developing new products in copper alloy materials such as tin bronze copper sleeve, damping ring, copper insert and metal header.

Wuhan Panzhou began to develop precision stamping parts for medium and thick plates in 1995 and realized industrialization in 2000. They are most proud of the 880-ton fine blanking machine with pressure tonnage in the same industry in China. At present, Wuhan Panzhou uses precision stamping and laser welding processes to produce automotive gear shift assembly products. Compared with traditional forging and casting, this processing method can improve processing accuracy, ensure product quality, avoid energy loss of hot processing, and cause much less pollution than casting. In foreign countries, this process is called "clean manufacturing".

The investment in production methods and product technology is not stingy, which is the embodiment of Wuhan Panzhou's internal skills.

After practicing internal skills and having a certain foundation, Wuhan Pan Zhou's goal has become even more ambitious. The road they take is to introduce, digest, absorb and innovate. At present, in terms of synchronizer gear rings, Wuhan panzhou and Japan concorde alloy (plant) have jointly established Wuhan concorde gear ring co., ltd. in terms of copper alloy materials, Wuhan panzhou sino-Vietnamese alloy co., ltd. has been jointly established with Japan sino-Vietnamese alloy (plant). In terms of precision stamping parts, Wuhan dike fine stamping co., ltd. was established in a joint venture with Germany's FSG automobile industry company.

Wuhan Pan-continent joint venture is not simply a market for technology. They have three principles: one is to introduce international advanced R & D, design, production and management methods through joint ventures to further improve the product technology level of the company; the second is to form a bond through the introduction of foreign capital to enhance the cohesion of the company, and cultivate and reserve various types for the company. Compound talents, establish their own technical research and development team; the third is to cooperate with foreign advanced enterprises to enter the vast international automobile supporting market with the help of external forces. At present, Wuhan Panzhou gear ring products have entered the Japanese OEM market. In the near future, their fine-punching products will also enter the European OEM market. These are due to the fact that Wuhan Panzhou has practiced its internal skills and then cooperated with advanced international enterprises.

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