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Hold on to the core technology! "Little Giant" Wuhan Pan-continent Sino-Vietnamese market share ranks first in the industry.



On September 2, the reporter saw in the factory area of Wuhan Pan-continent Sino-Vietnamese Alloy Co., Ltd., in large and small workshops and laboratories, flames were dancing in the furnace, cast pipes stood, and piece after piece of alloy materials and products were sold from here to all parts of the country. it is also exported to foreign countries across the sea.




Wuhan Pan-continent Zhongyue Alloy Co., Ltd., located in Wuhan Economic Development Zone, specializes in the research and development and production of high-strength wear-resistant copper alloy materials and products, covering automobile engines, automobile gearboxes, construction machinery, hydraulics, valves, new energy power generation and other fields. The market segment share ranks first in the industry, and has recently been shortlisted for the fourth batch of national "specialized and special new" small giant enterprises.




Over the past 20 years, Wuhan Pan-continent China-Vietnam has been focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of high-strength wear-resistant copper alloy materials. The technology of vertical semi-continuous casting, horizontal continuous casting, plastic forming process, non-destructive testing, precision machining and other links is advanced, breaking the material monopoly of foreign material giants in this field for decades and realizing domestic substitution.




At present, in the field of high-strength wear-resistant copper alloys, Wuhan Pan-Continental China-Vietnam has a domestic market share of 43%, ranking first in the industry. The main customers include Bosch, Mahler, Eaton, Federal-Mogul and other internationally renowned companies, as well as domestic automobile manufacturing, Leading companies in the fields of construction machinery and hydraulics, such as Great Wall Motors, Geely Motors, BYD, Sany Heavy Industries, Zoomlion, etc.




Wuhan Pan-continent China-Vietnam has mastered the core technology of copper alloy materials, and since 2020, annual sales revenue has grown strongly from 0.186 billion to nearly 0.3 billion. Bo Yifeng, deputy general manager of Wuhan Pan-continent China-Vietnam, said that the company has always focused on technological progress and process innovation, continuously introduced cutting-edge scientific research talents, purchased international advanced equipment, improved the level of technology, and continuously increased investment in innovation and research and development, and accumulated its own core technology. With strong R & D innovation capabilities and the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, the company's technology center was recognized as the Hubei Provincial Enterprise Technology Center in 2022.




As a representative enterprise of industrial intelligent transformation in Wuhan Economic Development Zone, Wuhan Pan-continent Zhongyue has also established a relatively complete digital system and an information system for the whole life cycle of enterprise operation. "Up to now, we have invested more than 8000 million yuan in intelligent transformation, and product quality, production efficiency, and R & D cycle have been greatly improved." Lei Jun, chief financial officer of Wuhan Pan-continent China-Vietnam, said that Pan-continent China-Vietnam has launched 11 sets of information systems, increasing the comprehensive production efficiency by 30%, reducing the cost by 18%, shortening the product research and development cycle by 22%, increasing the energy utilization rate by 11%, significantly improving the digital production level, and becoming a pilot demonstration enterprise of industrial intelligent transformation in Wuhan.

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